Update to Peace Matters Now

by Dorothy Ann Cole on August 23, 2015

UPDATE 10/31/2015:  We have found all the missing files and I am actively uploading clean versions, and reproducing the images and audio links. WE ARE CLOSE TO RELAUNCH!! ~ Dorothy Ann

Our Story

We are reconstructing our website because it was hacked and severely damaged in 2014.  Now in August 2015, we are reconstructing our 10 free lessons for learning the Language of Peace, plus more lessons, articles and videos.

Book mark us now, so you can come back and learn one of the most powerful communication systems ever created.

1 Peace MattersPeace Matters 

Peace Matters: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World, created by Dorothy Ann Cole is a book, a website with audio and text lessons, articles, training materials, and a new way to improve the quality of your relationships, both professionally and personally.  You and your family will love doing these lessons together on a family night.

Language of Peace is also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the book was written by Marshall Roseburg.

Our Educator

Dorothy AnnDorothy Ann Cole is an educator, specializing in curriculum writing and teaching.  In audio lessons, she teaches 12-year-old Isa how to speak the Language of Peace.  Each lesson also provides text materials suitable for parents and teachers to use with kids and teens.  She links topical health and well being information to the lessons, and includes original music donated by amazing musicians.  Language of Peace is also used in organizations, business, government and spiritual/religious communities.

Peace Matters!  You know it does…now and every day!

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Mr WordPress August 23, 2015 at 1:50 AM

So glad you are resurrecting your site. We certainly need the Language of Peace in today’s world!

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