New Peace Symbol

by Dorothy Ann Cole on September 5, 2015

I am suggesting we all change the Peace Symbol which was commissioned by the United Nations to Picasso after WWII. The problem is that it encircles a nuclear armament…perhaps this is the wrong message or at least a dated one…

Old Peace Symbol for Business Card

The NEW Peace Symbol shows an individual celebrating life! We certainly need more of that…

For the world to be peaceful, it might help if we had a new peace symbol.  It is easy.  If we turn it upside down, we create a symbol of celebration and well-being.  It is certainly a better image for what our dear planet needs.  Maybe if we turn upside down lots of things in our world, maybe we could co-create a better world.

Peace Symbol Image for Business Card

Let us all celebrate One Day of Peace on January 1,
and the Season of Peace, January-February-March.


In the Ancient Runes, this symbol means protection.  Wow, I am celebrating that discovery!

Here is another image.  Notice how you respond.  Then read the subtitle.

An interesting thing happened.  In 2015, this picture went up and had a lot of words from many languages which all translated as LOVE.  Now the image has been removed, not just from this page, but from the media library, and from my home computer.  This is not the first example of censorship in my life, but I leave the space to remind us that there is an illusion that we are free, that we have freedom of free speech, and that we have privacy.

Words of Peace

If you had a less-than-positive response to the previous paragraph, then you might want to sign up for the 10 free lessons of the Language of Peace at to find peace in your heart and improve your relationships.  You will learn how to give EMPATHY, how to receive EMPATHY, and how to do SELF-EMPATHY. When I shared this with a woman, she said this.  I thought it notable to quote and share with you.

The Language of Peace changes the heart.
It changes the mind.  It changes your entire life.

~ Mallory Riffel

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