by The Peace Matters Team

Dorothy Ann Cole makes learning the Language of Peace easy, fun, and compelling. A seasoned educator, she brings considerable passion and forty-plus years experience to the table. Dorothy Ann taught at the university level for years, developing curricula and teaching classes in the philosophy, psychology, science and business departments. She also launched a learning resource center and trained both students and faculty in the use of various software programs. Shortly after 9/11, Dorothy Ann immersed herself in the study of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The more she learned, the more she realized her higher calling: to teach the Language of Peace to the world. Originally, Peace Matters was presented as a series of audio recordings in which Dorothy Ann taught 12-year-old Isa the Language of Peace. Now, in addition to each audio lesson, you’ll find a written summary, some simple exercises, and (coming soon) video clips to round out your learning. All this is in addition to Dorothy Ann’s new book, Peace Matters: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World.

Dorothy Ann has been traveling around the US and Canada for years, leading Peace Matters workshops and facilitating Language of Peace practice groups. She also served as Board Vice President for the Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication (ORNCC), a regional non-profit that supports the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). Currently, Dorothy Ann is focused on developing additional educational materials so people can Learn, Speak and Live the Language of Peace anytime, anywhere – 24/7/365. Consider yourself officially invited to

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More grows in the garden then
the gardener knows he (or she) has planted.

~ Spanish Proverb