by The Peace Matters Team

Privacy is an important consideration for Peace Matters Now.
We will not share or sell any information you provide us.

In the future, we may be adding Social Media and further profile/user services.  Our public disclaimer is that if you participate, you do so at your own risk.

Peace Matters Now is a program offered by Divine Universal Studies, a spiritual community, which is registered as a domestic non-profit with the State of Oregon.

Dorothy Ann Cole, MEd, DD is a non-denominational minister ordained by the Holistic Resources Foundation, with strong backgrounds in education, psychology, entrepreneurship, and nonviolent communication.  She is also a public speaker, author, and webinar trainer.  Contact her to schedule appointments, speaking engagements, or training in webinars or personal appearances.  She would be delighted to support your organization for fundraising too!

For members, the ministerial relationship is private and confidential.