Empathy Poems

by The Peace Matters Team

The Secret to Trauma Relief

I feel, so I can heal
The way out is through
Dive deep into the well
Healing waits for you!

I Feel so I can Heal…it has been said
But when I identify the unmet Need,
And allowing a moment or two of ease
Then I often find my way to Inner Peace

To heal a catastrophe,
Inner Peace is the goal.
Find the feelings and unmet needs
Trauma victims just don’t know.

When the unmet need is recognized,
The feeling disburses into thin air.
This is the basis of empathy!
Inner peace becomes the Fare.

Empathy is the key to inner peace.
Feel the feeling, identify the unmet need.
In a moment, you feel the shift
Because you have planted the seed.

Every day, do it again to heal.
Feel the feeling, identify the unmet need.
Empathy is like a magic wand.
Happens when you plant the seed.

Dorothy Ann Cole, October 31, 2018


The Key

To unlock the pain,
You need the key.
It is found in the source
Of where it all began.

Buried deep in the subconscious
This memory needs light to see
For once revealed through empathy,
Shame and Guilt are set free.

Relief! Oh, the relief is so sweet.
And the clarity of mind!
Really!! You’ll be so surprised,
To have made such an excellent find!

You get to start again,
As a new day has dawned.
You will like how you feel,
A treasure to be fawned.

Experience the joy!
And Freedom too.
Savor feeling Free
Then head for Tripoli!

Dorothy Ann Cole, November 2, 2018

Daddy Dearest

Dad touched my breast
During a massage
I jumped and turned
Kneeing him in the groin.

Then I forgot about it.
But he didn’t.
He suffered in his guilt and shame.
I was only sixteen.

Then my life took a violent turn.
My teen years were hell.
Dinners were the worst for me,
Because he would yell and scream.

Good days and bad days,
Dad drank alcohol every night.
Mom quit went when I was 10.
She had seen the light.

But Dad suffered every day,
In his guilt and shame.
Warping his heart and soul,
He decided I was to blame.

Every decade he’d complain,
Yelling at me every day
Criticizing me as a teacher,
Criticizing me as a parent, even as a minister.

There was nothing I could do that was right.
So I cried myself to sleep every night.
Years later, I learned it was Emotional Abuse.
And I was the subject of its use.

The problem always was,
What was wrong with me?
Nothing, it was all about him.
And then, by God, I was set Free!

Dorothy Ann Cole, November 3, 2018