Rescuing a Parent

by The Peace Matters Team

Witnessing a young child about 4 years old, using her voice at a volume louder than I enjoy, both in the restaurant, and later, in the parking lot, running away from her father, I felt anxious because my need for peace was not met. The situation compelled me to act. I was nervous and needed courage, so I took a deep breath. At this time, the father had placed his daughter in the car where she continued to scream. I went over and introduced myself. He has his arms crossed over chest and did not look very welcoming.

“I imagine you are feeling very frustrated by this situation.” I said. He immediately relaxed. “I teach the Language of Peace which offers parents a way to more effectively communicate. There are 10 free lessons on the internet. Would you like to have my card?” as I was digging in my purse, not finding any.

“Yes, I would,” he replied. His daughter had stopped screaming and was watching both of us.

“Oh, I have some in my car. I will go get them.” As I turned to go, I caught the eye of this little girl who was so unhappy. “Would it be all right if I talked to her?” He nodded and opened the car door, inviting little Angel out.

“Wow, Angel, are you upset, honey?” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” she sniffled heading toward her father.

“Could you tell me what you want?” I inquired.

“I want my breakfast!” she grumbled.

“Oh, well, screaming may not be the way. Would you be willing to use an indoor voice in the restaurant? If you agree, I bet your dad would be glad to take you there.”

“Angel, do you agree to use an indoor voice?” asked Dad.

“Yes, I could,” replied Angel.

Dad said that they would wait for me to get my cards, but I suggested they go back into the restaurant because she was hungry, and I would bring them the cards. Off they went, hand-in-hand. I found the cards, went to the restaurant, met Mom, and left them with the vision of Angel stuffing a huge fork full of scrabbled egg into her mouth.


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