by The Peace Matters Team

Dorothy Ann Cole, MEd, DD is an expert in Stress Management. She approaches it from three distinct and integrative healing modalities, including the Language of Peace. Also known as Compassionate Communication (based on Nonviolent Communication by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg), the Language of Peace provides a means for improving relationships in all areas of your life. Dorothy Ann does both in-person and phone consultations, and she also leads workshops, webinars and teleconference sessions – all designed to provide you with tools and information that will empower you and transform the way you live.

“I want all my friends to learn the Language of Peace,
to empower them so that they can fish for themselves!”
~ Nancy Pagaduan, Portland, Oregon

“Tea & Empathy” is her counseling/coaching service. Dorothy Ann may give you empathy and more, by role-playing a situation you are struggling with, or helping you through the blocks that are preventing you from finding your inner peace. Call today for your session: 503-208-4098.

• Training one-on-one
• Empathy to work a particular concern
• Traumatic Event
• PTSD ~ past or current
• Practice one-on-one

20 Minute Sessions or more

Rev. Dorothy Ann Cole, MEd, DD

“The gifts of compassionate communication are
to be heard, to be understood, and to be accepted!”
~ Dorothy Ann Cole