by The Peace Matters Team

Peace Matters: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World is a short, easy read. Through personal stories and simple explanations, Dorothy Ann gives you a feel for how much better life can be when you start using the Language of Peace. Contents include:

•  UnPeaceful Language
•  Why Should You Learn Peaceful Language?
•  You are Magnificent!
•  Teaching Peace
•  Awakening Magnificence
•  Receiving Empathy
•  Understanding Peace
•  Learning a New Way
•  Self-Empathy
•  My Mission
•  A Few Facts
•  Your Mission
•  Peace Offerings

 The book is intended to serve as your launching pad for further exploration ~a primer ~ which is why Dorothy Ann is offering 10 Free Lessons.  We would love to read your comments too, and you will need to sign up as a member to comment!!

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To matter is a Need
in Marshall’s NVC.
So what is all the natter?
We all need to matter!

~ Dorothy Ann Cole, 2018